• VintValley inc
  • Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • May 07, 2018
Full time Business Development Executive Finance & Accounting Marketing Strategy-Planning

Job Description

What’s it like working at VintValley INC?

Woah! Woah! Hold on! Did you just think we are going to tell no to your active life and make you work as crazy as ants during the summer?

Whoops! That's not us :) We make sure our clients deserve the best from positive people like you but we care about you too! Our goal to build a team culture is one of the main reasons our executives jump out of bed full of excitement! 

Behind the scenes as a PRO ( PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER ) at VintValley.

  • Your task will be to maintain close professional relationships with interested investors, clients for all of our companies, overseeing relationships between VintValley and the public across all our locations worldwide.
  • Hacking growth strategies.
  • Co working with the Marketing Division by helping out with how to develop their strategies in the public relations field.
  • Scaling the company from the current level to the next.
  • Ensuring the company stays true to its vision and is on track.
  • You'll use all forms of media and communication to build, maintain and manage the reputation of your clients.
  • Planning publicity strategies and campaigns. writing and producing presentations and press releases.

DESIGNATED ZONE :- Works for the Executive Branch.

AUTHORIZED OFFICIALS :- Reports to the CEO, President & Director General.


  • A minimum to earn a Bachelor's DegreeStudents may choose degree programs in public relations, communications, journalism, or another related field.
  • A minimum total of 2 - 3 years experience in any related fields such as programs in public relations, communications, journalism, or another related field.


  • Good sense of time management.
  • Ability to stay patient under pressure. ( The media, investors and customers ask questions hot of the press. )
  • Can speak any languages apart from English & French is a great additional point.
  • Has an interest in information technology, space and beyond.


  • Access to our newly initialized compensation policy known as E.C.S (Executive Commision System) - A certain percentage for every succesful assignment/project completed, this enables all our semi executive or executive level family members to earn more and build their career consistently with VintValley.
  • Access to E.D.S ( Executive Discount System ) Enjoy great discounts on most platinum VintValley products.
  • Access to business tours and press conferences.
  • Enjoy annual discounts at a VintValley Partner Hotel.


Our entire Careers Division Team is dedicated to attend to our candidates at any given time!

Once applied. Sit Back, Relax and Let us do the work!


We believe that a candidate always deserves the full on attention and respect while at the interview and we do not believe that candidates should be judged only from an interview and that is why all our applications are divided into 3 rounds.

  1. THE ICE BREAKER :- We get to know you and you get to know us! Enjoy a coffee on us as we learn your passions, hobbies and goals in life. We created this to build a friendly environment from the start between the Employer and the candidate :)
  2. ROUND 2 :- Once selected, this round focuses on building your VintValley application via a 75 minute examination. This round will consist of analytical questions, general questions, mind cracking questions and other questions entirely focused on your field of study/
  3. ROUND 3 :- This will be a practical round. Where selected candidates will be asked to solve a real life problem based on their field of study whether at home or at one of our offices. It is a round full of real life challenge, fun and getting to know your future home away from home!

**VintValley INC does not terminate any application for discrimination purposes. We respect all current and future family members regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, dissabilities or social status.