Senior Wireless System Staff Engineer

  • Huawei Technologies Ltd.
  • Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Apr 18, 2018
Engineering Marketing R&D Telecommunications Product Software Technical Writing Mobile

Job Description

Position Overview:

In this role, you are expected to conduct research on next generation wireless technologies 5G and beyond for both radio side and network side. Research responsibilities will include theoretical analysis, algorithm development and simulations at system/network-level, towards designing next generation wireless networks for advanced 5G and beyond usages. The results will be used in protocol and architecture development and contribution to international standards.


You have technical skills to design innovative approaches through theoretical analysis and validate them in simulation under practical constraints, you will use your technical skills and practical experience to contribute towards:

  • Research on innovative technologies in physical and network domains for 5G and beyond;
  • System level design, analysis, modeling, simulation and prototyping of wireless radio systems and sub-systems.
  • Radio algorithms design and simulation for advanced wireless radio access technologies and network technologies.
  • Drive and guide the implementations of radio algorithms in hardware and software.

You will monitor the state of the art technologies in academia and industries, innovate and validate the new technology ideas through simulation and prototyping. You will interact with academia, the wireless product team and the technology research and development team. You are self-motivated and able to work independently, but thrive in a team-based environment. You have a forward-looking approach and are motivated to:

  • Stay abreast of current status and new trends in research and development of advanced radio access technologies.
  • Generate invention disclosures and support patent applications.

Key qualifications you hold include:

  • Advanced degree (PhD preferred) in wireless Telecommunications.
  • Wireless telecommunications industry experience, at least 8 years preferred.
  • Strong technical expertise in wireless radio access system and advanced wireless air interface design
  • Strong technical expertise in PHY layer designs including MIMO, channel coding, waveform, modulation, mmWave, etc.
  • Strong technical expertise in algorithm design and optimization
  • Good knowledge of AI (Artificial Intelligence) preferred
  • Experience with one or more wireless communication systems such as GSM, UMTS, WIMAX, LTE and, more importantly, IEEE 802.11 and 5G NR.
  • Good knowledge of the state-of-the-art technologies for wireless systems in the industry and academia.
  • Good C++/Matlab/ Simulink programming skills.
  • Experience in a leadership role in a research and development environment.
  • Good teamwork spirit and adaptability.
  • Thrive in a dynamic, innovative, research and prototyping oriented environment.
  • Good technical writing, presentation and communications skills.
  • Willingness for some local and overseas travel.