Internal Solutions Lead

  • Shopify
  • Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Jan 25, 2018

Job Description


About the Internal Solutions Team:

The Internal Solutions team at Shopify covers a lot of ground with a few people. Right now, we’re 13 people and we work across 6 offices in 5 cities. We also run a lot of different projects: we own the front desk experience, we participate in onboarding logistics, we order supplies of all kinds, we handle all outgoing and incoming mail (I’m talking 2500 pieces of mail in a month), we produce a postcard writing program, we tackle event logistics, we run an intern housing program for 50 interns per semester, we write beautiful, informative newsletters, we own our company-wide travel program from the policies to the negotiations to the reconciliations, and the list goes on. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about leadership, developing people, and growing teams to join us.

We feel that everything we do is related, but it took us some time to find a unifying statement that can guide us in our decision-making, and outline how we fit into the big picture of Shopify.

Finally, after holding our team onsite in December (and after MUCH discussion), we came out with our first ever mission and vision statement:

Our team is committed to enrich the day-to-day lives of Shopifolk by finding solutions to enhance their experience and productivity with Shopify’s operations. We achieve this by identifying, researching, developing, and improving our resources in order to empower ownership in other Shopifolk.

We’re telling you this to let you in on where we came from, and how we’re only still just at the beginning of where we’re going, and we hope this makes you as excited as it makes us.

About the role:

We’re looking for someone to join our team as the Internal Solutions Lead, East Region. You will directly lead the Internal Solutions Coordinators in Ottawa and Montreal. You’ll support the growth and personal development of the ISCs on your team, and will hire and scale the team to meet the ever-changing needs of your offices. You’ll also collaborate with the other IS Leads to develop team goals and priorities. Finally, you will also share the day-to-day operations in each city, as well as help strategize and and make decisions at an office-wide level. This position is located in Ottawa, but you’ll be building and supporting Montreal as well, as we know that success will come from building relationships in both offices. We're looking for someone who is open to commuting on a schedule that makes sense for you and your team.

Relevant experience for the role:

  • Experience leading a team and developing people (with specific examples of how you’ve grown your direct reports)
  • Experience owning projects from start to finish (I want to hear about them!)
  • Experience in an office of any size, and scaling an office’s growth
  • Examples of switching between high-level strategic thinking and detail-oriented work (we’re a team that believes in seeing the forest AND the trees)
  • Equally excited about growing people and growing projects

It’d also be really nice if you had:

  • A deep interest in supporting people’s experiences in an office
  • Experience in one or many of our projects areas (see “about our team,” above)
  • Experience in leading or working on a remote team

You’ll be working on:

  • Identifying ways to better the Internal Solutions team’s impact
  • Working with the team to develop and scale their individual projects
  • Aligning the team on our shared goals, and supporting execution
  • Fostering relationships with various stakeholders across all teams

We know that applying to a new role takes a lot of work and we truly value your time. Maryn is looking forward to reading your application. This posting will close on February 5th, 2018.