Hiring – Senior AI Programmer

  • Hot Glue Games
  • Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Jan 24, 2018
Animation Graphics

Job Description

We are currently looking for a Senior AI Programmer with Unreal Engine 4 experience and an uncanny ability to overcome the hurdles that occur during game development to get big things done. We’re interested in a candidate that can have ownership of AI systems and mentor junior talent.


  • Strong C++ programming skills, OO design and experience with behavior trees.
  • Familiarity with optimization and multi-threading techniques.
  • Passion for character based games, good feel for creating strong gameplay moments.
  • Good communication skills, ability to clearly share complex technical information with programmers, artists, and designers.
  • Develop, maintain, extend and support a wide range of character based AI solutions (perception, positioning, pathfinding, etc.) and tools to create AI behaviors and gameplay (navigation, combat, animation etc.)
  • Profile and performance tune code to remove bottlenecks
  • 3-5 years industry or related experience.
  • 1 or more published titles.


  • Specialist in other game programming areas gameplay, audio, and/or animation.
  • Experience working with navmesh generation, tessellation, voxelization, CSG operations.
  • Experience working with character scripting, animation state machines, animation blending and similar techniques.
  • Strong 3d math skills.

If you feel you are an awesome candidate for this position, please apply by sending your cover letter and resume to hiring@hotgluegames.com. If you don’t feel you are currently ready to fill the shoes in this role, but want to have us under your radar, feel free to connect!

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