Ph. D. Student (Big Data Analytics)

  • Larus Technologies
  • Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Jan 23, 2018
Engineering R&D Data & Analytics Security Software

Job Description

Larus Technologies Corporation is a Canadian engineering company, based in Ottawa, specializing in the development of customized decision support systems based on predictive analytics, primarily in the public security, defense, environment and health sectors.

In addition, Larus has been collaborating with the Sensing and Modeling Research Lab (SMRLab) of the University of Ottawa since 2004 and has gained valuable insight into the most recent developments in intelligent system technologies. Larus is continuing to focus its activities towards the development of innovative products and services.

The Larus Technologies Research and Engineering (R&E) team is responsible for the research and development of software, hardware and products including that of the Total::Insight™ Decision Support System. The R&E team also performs leading-edge research within the fields of sensor networking, multi-sensor data fusion and computationally intelligent processing architectures.

Larus Technologies is currently looking to fill various roles to assist the R&E team with our ongoing evolution of Total::Insight to address additional decision support requirements and support a wider variety of hard and soft data sources.

Job Profile: Ph.D. Student (Big Data Analytics)

General Duties

Join a 6-person team to work on a research project on the maritime Internet of Things (mIoT) to exploit the tidal wave of sensor data emitted by a myriad of maritime entities in order to improve both internal and collaborative processes for mIoT-related organizations.

This particular role requires the candidate to have a background in Big Data Analytics and/or Data Science as he/she will be working on Big Data mIoT algorithms.

The successful candidate will be expected to design, develop, integrate and test algorithms and research platforms. A close collaboration with the Larus Technologies R&E group is expected.

The successful candidate will start immediately and will finish by December, 2018. Salary is commensurate with NSERC guidelines for PhD students.


  • Engineering or computer science Ph.D. candidate with strong knowledge and experience in the following:
    • Modeling and Simulation (e.g. Matlab, R, Python, Octave)
    • Big Data Technologies (e.g., NoSQL, Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems)
    • Big Data Frameworks (Spark, Hadoop, MongoDB)
    • Machine Learning and/or Data Mining
    • Data fusion/intelligent systems/decision support systems
    • Java/C#/C++ software development
    • Trend analysis and/or predictive modeling
    • Data collection, analysis and reporting

    Knowledge of one or more of the main Computational Intelligence methodologies (i.e. neural networks, fuzzy systems and/or evolutionary algorithms) is a requirement.

    Interested candidates should email their CV to with the subject “MIOT position”.