Blockchain Engineer opening at Bitaccess at Bitaccess

  • Bitaccess
  • Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Dec 18, 2017
Full time Engineering Management / Project Management Product Security Software

Job Description

# Blockchain Engineer opening at Bitaccess

We are looking for a Blockchain wizard to work with us at [Bitaccess](
This is a very exciting position to join our core blockchain technology team.

### Why Bitaccess?
We’re looking for people who are excited about financial services and cutting edge technology, and how these together can make a difference in people’s everyday lives.

Digital currency is a transformative technology that will require a re-engineering of the way business as we know it is done. Bitaccess is proud to be a pioneer in this space, and are looking for outstanding individuals to join us on this journey.

Throughout our history, we have learned a few things. Some good, some bad:
History can be defined as before the existence of digital currency, and after.
On a long enough timeline, every company will be hacked. It is best to prepare for the worst.
Digital Currency has the possibility to democratize access to all types of financial and contractual services.

Our current product line allows you to instantly have access to customers in over 15 countries, and just as many time zones. When you ship code, you get instant feedback from the market.

So if you are ready to join the most fast paced, exciting, and hectic industry of our generation apply now.

### Requirements:
- Background in Security and Blockchain assets
- Good understanding of Linux
- Experience with web services (REST frameworks, etc).
- Experience with NodeJS
- Experience setting up and maintaining cloud servers
- Being passionate about **decentralization** (having some concerns is totally fine, we all do).
- Being an autonomous individual and a love for **self-management** (We are focus-driven work, not hours-driven).

### Conditions:
- **Fulltime** commitment. Side projects and open source are accepted (and encouraged).
- Very competitive and negotiable compensation.
- $50K – $100K Salary. With the option allocate your salary in CAD, BTC, ETH.
- 0.01% – 1.0% Equity
- Live or willing to relocated to Canada

- Own your own projects from conception to launch
- Work whenever you work best (flexible hours)
- Flexible vacation – take time off when you need it
- Free gym membership
- Work on a big idea that is changing the world
- Complete autonomy. If something makes sense, do it.

### Good to have:

- Interest and knowledge in **cryptoeconomics**.
- Experience contributing or managing **open source projects**.
- Experience with Python, Google Appengine and Datastore

- We ship code (daily): break things often
- Agile: No month long projects.
- Linux: We are a 100% linux company. We also love Docker.
- Language Agnostic: Use the framework that matches the task.

## How to apply:

- Apply on

- (Fastlane) Send a Bitcoin transaction containing an OP_Return output with your twitter handler and bitaccess twitter, e.g `@bitaccess @YOURTWITTERHANDLER ANY Message`

Bitaccess is a technology company building the future of financial services.

We have products in three verticals of Blockchain Technology:
- Payment processing:
-- We are Canada's #1 destination for instant digital currency purchases
-- We have a global network of Bitcoin ATM's which are powered by our software and hardware
- Blockchain Auditing:
-- We work with governments and private companies to leverage Blockchain technology for a new set of use-cases
- Asset Management:
-- faast is the fastest way to build a crypto currency portfolio