Eager to share ideas with ridiculously talented people and work on challenging projects where every member makes a difference? At FileFacets, you get that opportunity. Our collaborative team environment means everyone works together to drive corporate performance and achieve our success objectives. We are a very client-focused organization striving to create an awesome culture and an even more awesome company. We love to laugh and don’t take ourselves too seriously except when we are seriously disrupting the ECM market with our leading-edge technology. Want to be part of something special? Join our team.

FileFacets Ottawa, ON, Canada
Apr 27, 2018
Description There is a data security challenge in the world today. Organisations often store data across different platforms, having data across all these different sources come with a risk of data protection and privacy, information governance, and regulatory compliance risk. Our mission is to provide businesses with a solution to the GDPR and Privacy Compliance challenges. You could be one of our early team members in Europe, if you’re excited about the opportunities and growth ahead of us, join our team! What does the job entail? GDPR and Privacy Compliance is becoming increasingly important in Europe. You will have the opportunity to be an early team member of our European team and shape relationships by identifying and closing new business opportunities within an assigned territory/client base working directly and through our Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Value Added Distributor (VAD) channel, Nuvias. When you are not directly interacting with the channel partners on new deals, you will spend a significant time collaborating on forecasting opportunities through the Salesforce CRM system. Requirements We are looking for an outstanding Sales professional who has lots of energy and can manage our channel partners from A to Z. In order to succeed, you will need to be motivated by growth and opportunity. We don’t expect to find someone that is a perfect match to the details below, but here are the typical bullet points that we’re hoping you bring to the table: Minimum 8 years experience in channel management Verified quota achievement in a high growth enterprise software market segment. Experience identifying, closing, and managing VAR channel relationships. Experience in the use of a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, preferably and a track record of accurately building and maintaining forecast accuracy. Excellent oral, written and computer-based communication skills in English, French and German. Ability to travel 60% or greater by airline, train and automobile. Ability to nurture and support relationships at multiple levels within and organisation. Ability to manage multiple prospects and projects under tight deadlines. Benefits We’re a rapidly growing, tight-knit team that is determined to provide our customers with the greatest product possible. As a remote worker you will have the autonomy to make your own schedule, but you will always have the FileFacets team behind you. We're a Canadian company with offices in the UK where our leaders are experts in the field and eager to help you grow. Not only will you get to travel throughout Europe but you will also have the opportunity to travel to Canada to meet the team. Our team is building some awesome technology and is dedicated to moving FileFacets abroad. We are excited about the abundant amount of opportunity and are ready to make a change with our amazing technology! What can I expect when I submit my application? Our recruitment partner – Pivot and Edge – will review your application and either schedule a conversation with you or let you know that we’re passing on your candidacy within 5 business days. What does the interview process involve? The first step is a conversation with Pivot and Edge. They’ll focus on the human side of things and answer any questions you may have. From there, we’ll provide an opportunity for those that exhibit a high potential to be successful in our environment to demonstrate their capabilities and then talk shop with our leaders. We’re not just interviewing you. We want to make sure that we’re the right fit for each other, so please feel encouraged to interview us at every step. What if I have more questions before I apply? No worries at all! If you have additional questions prior to submitting your application, please feel free to reach out to John Fleischauer at Pivot and Edge. He accepts all connection requests on LinkedIn and does his best to reply to all messages within 24 hours. About Us: FileFacets is a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) platform that organises and identifies sensitive information and personal data, it removes redundant data and facilitates the secure transfer of content between repositories, mitigating risk and assisting businesses worldwide in their privacy compliance and data management efforts.