Our mission is to transform the 'Future of Work' by weaving together the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things (data analytics, machine learning, augmented reality, wearables) to make every worker skilled, reduce human error and save lives.  We developed an intelligent personal agent that delivers actionable insights to the last tactical mile. Anywhere warm hands touch cold steel contextere answers the simple question – Now What?

Imagine being on location in the field and having the confidence to perform any task, safely and without error, because you receive intelligent guidance and other contextually important information delivered to you, on your device, just when you need it. Machine learning based curated guidance on mobile and wearable devices – that’s what we’re creating. 

At contextere we don't see a future driven by more job losses due to automation but more job opportunities created with technology. We’re making sense of the overwhelming amount of data and information generated from smart machines and enterprise analytics to help field workers perform better and to close the global gap in skilled workers.

We’re looking for creative, curious people who aren’t afraid to blaze a new path. You’ll need to learn fast, grow fast, and deliver awesome solutions in an unstructured, dynamic environment with a lot of moving parts. If this sounds like you, and you want to revolutionize the way people work around the world, contact us today.