Lixar IT

Lixar drives each with expertise and experience and continues to push the boundaries of mobile technology and the connected ecosystem.  

Where did the evolution begin?

Founders Bill Syrros and Emmanuel Florakas created Lixar. The word Lixar comes from Elixir; meaning a solution. The company has grown organically from four people in a basement to 140 plus employees strong.

Lixar offices are located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Ottawa, Ontario. Lixar encourages and empowers a diverse and vibrant team while staying true to the company mantra: to create, innovate and inspire.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not new to Lixar, over the past 15 years, Lixar has worked on a number award-winning connected products and solutions.  

Today, Lixar continues to be driven by mobile and data-rich tech innovation. Lixar develops mobile platforms and solutions for enterprise-level transportation focused clients and partners who who expect high-performance, real-time relevancy through mobile connectivity.

Lixar is driven by mobile, data science and the art of the possible.