Neptec Technologies Corp.

Neptec Technologies Corp. develops and sells innovative 3D machine vision products for machine automation and robotics applications in harsh environments.

The company was founded in 2011 to commercialize the space-technologies developed by Neptec Design Group Ltd., an award-winning technology innovation company and NASA Prime Contractor. Neptec is an industry leader in developing innovative sensor, software and robotics technologies for the Space market.  Many of these proven technologies have direct application in machine automation and robotics on Earth.  Markets such as mining, oil and gas, construction, automotive, and industrial security are increasingly turning to advanced sensors and robotics to improve safety and productivity, and reduce costs.

As a separate company, Neptec Technologies Corp. has a dedicated team with extensive commercialization expertise to focus on developing products that solve real customer problems in terrestrial markets. Our first products are a family of obscurant-penetrating laser scanners (OPAL) and a software development tool kit (3DRi)  with advanced features such as automatic change detection and object recognition and tracking. Together, these out-of-the-box “building blocks” make it easy to integrate intelligent real-time machine vision applications on autonomous off-road vehicles, and for more familiar LiDAR-based survey and measurement tasks in harsh environments.