Pleora Technologies Inc

Pleora is the world’s leading supplier of video interfaces for system manufacturers and camera companies serving the industrial automation, medical, and military sectors. 

We revolutionized the machine vision industry by pioneering the development of external frame grabbers and embedded hardware for the delivery of video over Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), and we lead the market in video interfaces for USB 3.0 and wireless.  Our end-to-end solutions have been integrated into hundreds of unique system and camera designs to help manufacturers bring new offerings to market quickly, while reducing risk and lowering cost.  Pleora’s success is rooted in the talent, dedication, and commitment of our exceptional team.  Our people take ownership of and pride in everything we do.  We meet our challenges together and show each other respect, care, and trust.  We are larger than the sum of our parts – nothing gets solved in isolation.   We act honestly and we treat each other, our customers, and our suppliers, with integrity.