D3M (Teldio Corp.)

Since 2008, Teldio has been developing voice & data apps in the digital two-way radio industry. Yes, that’s a real thing! Many enterprise customers such as, Marriott Hotels, Procter & Gamble manufacturing facilities, and Amazon warehouses use two-way radios to operate their day-to-day businesses. Teldio helps turn those radios into smartradios. As a member of the Wesley Clover group of companies founded by Terry Matthews, we retain a small company feel & culture but have access to the resources and contacts we need to go places!

In 2013, we started working on a web app that allows manufacturers and dealers to design, document, deliver and manage these networks (hence the name D3M). We help sales reps and technicians collaborate in real-time and design complex networks while automating their workflow (autogenerated quotes, system proposals, etc.). Today we operate primarily within the two-way radio space, but the sky’s the limit since the platform has been built to be industry agnostic and more and more opportunities are presenting themselves. Our team has continued to grow and D3M is now its very own division within Teldio.