Founded in 2014, Aetonix has for mission to help caregivers to address the rapid growing demand for care at home and in facilities. With an aging population, it is important that technology evolves to address the scaling challenge of people requiring care in rural and urban region. The Aetonix’s “aTouchAway” is a virtual care platform enabling peer to peer video/audio calls, emergency calling, and data acquisition through integration of telemetry. Users can connect with care professionals and families by a SIMPLE TOUCH on the picture of the person to be called. The recipient will receive the call through their mobile/ desktop Aetonix app. The integration of a help wearable device enables immediate action to be taken by the appropriate health care professionals or designated respondent on help request, fall, wandering, or inactivity detection. The solution has a powerful impact on addressing user isolation, reducing health care professional costs, enabling virtual care for remote patients, and securing prospects for home care service providers. With the care plan sharing capability, the circle of care members are aware of any update of the care plan. Aetonix solution is ideal for complex care and ensuring adherence to care plan.