Imagine being part of a team that is fundamentally changing the way people communicate, the way they collaborate, the way they watch TV and explore the universe through the internet. Utilizing our uniquely differentiated technology, we have created an Intelligent Transport Network with more speed, capacity and scalability than ever before. Imagine a world with unlimited bandwidth. The network of tomorrow will allow for content and creativity limited only by the imaginations of its users.

Our differentiated technology includes the world’s most advanced, high capacity photonic integrated circuits (PIC) along with the corresponding high speed, analog and digital ASICs.  Our software and optical line system technologies are uniquely designed to take full advantage of the PIC’s exclusive capabilities while simultaneously providing world-class, open optical line system features for this important and fast-growing segment of the market.

If this is something that interests you, that excites you, come take a look at a team not bound by large company obstacles and bureaucracy, where an idea today can be set in motion tomorrow. Come take a look at Infinera!